Shipping Policy

Art Fabula creates happiness in the form of Art Toys. The most important part of this job is to bring this happiness to your front door. For that we used and trust professionals. Shipping is the most frightening part for all of us because neither the buyer or the seller has the control over it. In reality, nearly all the packages sended arrive in time and in perfect condition to the buyers home. But it's always good to take precautions.

Where are my toys shipping from?

All our toys are shipped from Sweden. If we have Print on Demand or similar services for t-shirts and posters these products will be shipping for different places in the world, often closer to the buyer´s place. In this case it is the Print on Demand service we use that are responsible for the shipping, not Art Fabula. 

We use our national postal services for sending the toys to you: PostNord. Occasionally we can offer other providers like UPS, FEDEX, DHL, etc. We often use those when the dimensions and the difficulty of the shipping requires it. 

How long does it take?

 This is a very good question. We provide the times we get from our postal service PostNord. In a normal situation, it should be at your door in the estimated time you see in each shipping choice. Sadly, things happen all the time, and the time can vary. It could take a few more days than planned. Especially in these times. We ask you to be extra pacient. Your package should arrive safely to its destination sooner or later.


Where is my package?

You can track your package at:


Is my package missing?

If you have been waiting patiently a few extra days and you haven't heard one word from your postal services about the package, you should begin with these steps we provide here:

  1. Use the tracking number (if provided) on the PostNord tracking link to see if it's still moving.

  2. Contact your local postal office. They often could help locate your package. 

  3. If the package is missing, please, file a proper claim with your local postal services. They should guide you through the next step to take. 

  4. Damage or missing object from the package (theft)? Take all the pictures you can of the package without opening. File a claim with your local postal office and send a mail to us with a detailed explanation and the photos at: [email protected]. We will try to do our best to help us.  


International shipping

Our fans are everywhere in the world, and not all parts of the world offer the same type of services. Once the package leaves Sweden and Europe and lands in your country, we can encounter difficulties to provide information about the location and the status of the package. In this case, the responsibility lies with your local postal services. They are the ones you should contact if something happens with your package.  

We usually ships with standard services, but we can, in special cases, offer you the choice between two shipping options: a standard and a certified one. 


For normal packages we use our standard shipping. Those will be also sent by Postnord, but they could use the international EMS services to get your package safely to your destination. If you want to use EMS services with your package that weight more than 3Kg, please, send us a mail before placing an order at: [email protected]


We want to offer the best services possible to our fans but we are just an Art Toy production company. We trust in the professional for the shipping. I hope you do too.