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This is so exciting. 

It has been a wonderful year. Like a dream, but made true. 

I started Art Fabula in the summer of 2020. It was an exercise of patience and brute force. I wanted to demonstrate to myself that I could transform a passion into a way of life. So I put all my effort and my money into this project. And I made it. 

Ok, not so fast. Maybe I’m not “there” yet. But surely is getting closer. I’m still doing all of this in my free time after the classes (I have a full job as a teacher), and sometimes it feels a little chaotic, but it’s worth it. 

I have learned a lot in this journey and I have met (virtually) a lot of people on my way. Of course, I have been failing a lot, but that’s ok because, with each thing I do wrong, I grow bigger as a designer. That´s the way it is. One step back, two to the front.

Eggie, my first Vinyl Toy, has been very important in this process. I made this company at the same time I created him and the history behind Art Fabula. My objective was always to keep creating characters and stories that interlace with each other and play in the same background: in the SAGA UNIVERSE. 

With my second Vinyl Toy in the late states of manufacturing, I look back and feel grateful for every step I took without thinking too much and grateful too to everyone that trusted me and support this dream.

Art Fabula is getting bigger. A lot of things are happening right now that will change the future of this Art Toy company. I must continue the journey and believe in myself and in my designs. Hard work is the only solution. 

This is just the beginning. 

Let us take another step to the front...

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