Art Fabula´s story phases

Background Phases Story

This is an essential topic to understand the story behind our toys. 

With each one of our releases we take a step forward in the SAGA UNIVERSE. More characters are releasing and more story is developing. 

All of character interact in this universe and have their own story that advance the background of the world. 

Each release is understood as a new Phase in the development of the background. We are now in the phase 1 of SAGA UNIVERSE. 

This is the order of the phases as for the release of our first Vinyl Toy Eggie:

Phase 0: This is the general background for the SAGA UNIVERSE. Here you will get the basic understanding of where our characters are coming from. Everything evolves from here. 

Phase 1 (Eggie release. Current phase): With our first Vinyl Toy, Eggie, the Art Fabula´s background story took a step forward. Here you will know more about Eggie and his situation right now.

Phase 2 (in development): This phase will begin as soon as our second Vinyl Toy, Captain Bpop, is released. You will know more about him and his interactions with Eggie and planet Fabula as soon as he makes an entrance in this world.

Each phase will have multiple background updates. In each of them you will be learning more about the characters and situations of each phase. 

I hope you like the idea and you look forward to learn more about the lore of Art Fabula!

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