Eggie is the mascot of Art Fabula. It was also my first character creation and the one that started it all. I really love this little guy.

He is part of his home planet Salvation Unit, together with his mentor and friend Captain Bpop. During the Extinction Process, the cataclysmic events that will lead to the destruction of the core of his planet, he was given the mission to explore the surface of a new habitable remote planet in a nearby galaxy. This planet was called Planet Fabula. 

Wanting to help save his civilization, he parted in his ship. The travel was long and hard, but the landing was even worse. He crashed his ship on the surface of Planet Fabula and lost contact with the Salvation Unit. He would learn to survive alone in this unknown environment, with new allies to help him and new enemies to try to stop him in his mission to save his home planet.

Will he survive?

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