Captain Bpop

The second Art Fabula´s Vinyl Toy! He is Captain Bpop!

What a complex figure to make and design. With a production story that would fill books on its own. 

Captain Bpop is… well, a Captain. The Captain of the Salvation Unit. He is in charge of searching for a new habitable home planet for his nearly extinct civilization. Planet Fabula was the latest hope for them.

It was his order to send Eggie to explore the surface of this new remote planet, to see if it could be a new home for him and his kind. What he didn’t count on was that Eggie would be missing for weeks and that he would be obliged to lead the searching expedition of his friend himself in another spaceship.

His upcoming to the surface of Planet Fabula would change the course of this story forever… for the good, we hope.

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